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Ritu Raman, Ph.D. | WiSDM Founder

Ritu is an engineer, writer, and educator with a passion for introducing bio-hybrid materials into the toolbox of every inventor. She grew up in India, Kenya, and the United States and has learned to appreciate and thrive in diverse and dynamic environments. Her life experiences have shown her that technical innovation can drive positive social change, and this inspires her to help democratize and diversify STEM education around the world, especially for young women. Ritu received her B.S. magna cum laude in Mechanical Engineering, with a minor in Biomedical Engineering, from Cornell University in 2012. She received her M.S. (2013) and Ph.D. (2016) in Mechanical Engineering as an NSF Fellow at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She is currently a postdoctoral fellow in the renowned Langer Lab at MIT, funded by prestigious fellowships including the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine Ford Foundation Fellowship and the L'Oreal USA For Women in Science Fellowship. She is also a member of the Forbes 30 Under 30 Class of 2018 and was named an Innovation and Technology Delegate to the International Achievement Summit. She develops novel biohybrid materials and devices for applications in translational medicine. Ritu is deeply interested in science communication and science policy, and enjoys speaking, writing, and planning outreach events centered on broadening participation in STEM.

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MayLin T. Howard, B.S. 

MayLin is an engineer who strongly values education, creativity, and teamwork. She is passionate about increasing diversity in STEM so that teams can be more innovative, collaborative, and have the best chance of solving real-world problems.  She believes that we can all make a difference and that small, conscious actions by individuals can add up to real, observable changes in the world. MayLin received her B.S. magna cum laude in Chemical Engineering, with a minor in Biology, from the University of Rochester in 2016. During her undergraduate studies, through numerous teaching assistant roles, she was highly invested in education as well as leadership and teamwork studies and earned a Citation for Achievement in College Leadership. She is currently working towards her Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering at MIT in the Paula Hammond Lab and is engineering drug delivery methods for tissue regeneration. In her future career, she hopes to use science and engineering to improve medical technology and increase patient quality of life.

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Angel Kuo, B.A. 

Angel is a scientist and engineer interested in solving problems at the interface of chemistry and biology. She is from Los Angeles, and received her B.A. in Chemistry from Wellesley College in 2018. While at Wellesley, she conducted research in the Love Lab at MIT. There, she worked on process development for recombinant protein production in yeast. Angel is currently a research associate at Indi Molecular, a biotech startup in Los Angeles that develops synthetic peptides. Her time at Wellesley taught her the importance of collaboration, diversity, and empowering women in underrepresented fields. She is committed to increasing diversity in the STEM fields, and hopes to encourage more women to pursue STEM-related education and careers.

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Paige Omura, B.S.

Paige is an engineer interested in analyzing complex systems and answering interdisciplinary questions.  Born and raised in Hawaii, Paige cares deeply about people and the environment.  She appreciates that every person has a unique context and aims to build diverse communities that help people identify what they love and excel in doing.  Paige received her B.S. in Chemical Engineering, with a minor in Anthropology, from MIT.  While at MIT, Paige worked in the Langer Lab, developing polymeric coatings for a nanoparticle drug delivery system, and conducted translational medicine research in the MIT Laboratory for Financial Engineering with Professor Andrew Lo.  Paige currently leads product engineering at Poly6 Technologies, an advanced materials and manufacturing company that spun out of MIT in 2016.  Outside of work, you can find Paige sailing, snacking, and convincing engineers to engage with the socially and ethically charged aspects of STEM research.

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